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What changes and opportunities does Internet + bring to entrepreneurs? Recent Situation of Wei Ji'an ★★★ [Font: Little Big ]
What changes and opportunities does Internet + bring to entrepreneurs? Wei Ji'an Recent Situation
Author: Anonymous Healthcare: Site author Hits: Updated: 2019-12-24

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Converged Internet + for medical treatment, improving the environment for uneven capital distribution can achieve clearer and smoother news. Waiting for some big cities in Beijing and Shanghai, registered hospitals and online booking services, some hospitals launched the network, omitting a lot of links can do so, and save time and save capital. Vertical products will be the goal of the future growth of Internet medical treatment, and wearable monitoring devices, these more specialized mobile medical treatments. d touch, iPhone, and iPad are connected to record, track and manage personal weight loss and health policies. For example, iHealth's mobile connected scales: iHealth scales and iPo via Bluetooth. Including an easy-to-use data and graphical interface, iHealth scales use French packages, which can be built by personal profile users, fill in gender, age, height, weight. It will keep track of the diet and exercise environment you responded to on the day. Use the rules according to your weight fluctuations. Sending WeChat and Weibo allow my doctor users to immediately know the results of partners and families via email or members. Users can handle their short-term and long-term weight loss and fitness guidelines. Users can also set up multiple accounts to assist the rest of the family. The degree is to facilitate people's livelihood. The growth of these products can be great. The health of myself and my family allows us to handle it better.

For example, home relying on U-home 2.0 smart IoT focus technology Haier's processing solution for smart home systems is: Haier U-, Cheng video surveillance can achieve remote, external, and computer to achieve close-range monitoring of home owners You can use PAD and smart phone to solve the environment at home anytime, anywhere. The door lock linkage can also realize intelligence. The owner returns when the home is opened, and the home mode system takes the initiative to implement the security evacuation and security system. Return your family to your home safely and let the owner feel more at ease. Mobile video intercom can also be implemented. Guests who visit homes have smart terminals to intercom and open the door. Not only can owners pass through the porch, but mobile phones and televisions can also answer intercom and open the door. They can also use PAD and smart to make life easier. PAD, smart phone multi-screen integration, mobile control smart and smart technology to achieve TV, smart terminal, "one-click linkage" scene mode system settings a variety of personalization, air conditioning, floor heating, security and other combined control through the above terminal equipment Can be achieved, more convenient to make ends meet. Intelligent management and control can also be realized. Whether at home or abroad, intelligent control of air conditioners, floor heating, fresh air, lights, and curtains can be performed anytime, anywhere through mobile phones, PADs, and other remote control devices.

It ’s not obvious to us at the moment. In fact, Internet finance, and many other people may often use things like Yu'ebao, WeChat red envelopes, and online banking. A model of online finance is our interconnection. How much convenience they really give us. As another example, a handful of moneybags were fired in Beijing some time ago, and Internet financial products are considered relatively successful. We can deposit money into it. Bank deposits are just like us. Banks are much higher but their return ratio is higher; (usually short-term) they can also be used for investment, and higher returns can be obtained. Small and medium-sized short-term loan services (the same as banks' money bag finance also supplies to individuals and small and micro enterprises, loan talent proof also needs to be supplied, banks are simpler but relatively, the proportion continues to maintain a low level) and banks With regard to the loan balance of small and micro enterprises, the threshold for loans of micro enterprises is lowered. As a result, Internet finance has made small businesses more active, which has injected vitality for small and micro enterprises.

The influence of Tonghe tourism industry is still quite large. Before the taxi or taxi trip, we have to take a bus, wait for a long time without a car, often encountered in the bus station, taxis can not stop when it rains. Let users check the environment of the bus in time, but timely use of the bus can be avoided at this moment; the rise of some taxi software and the Didi special car, which can enjoy the service of the special car, just book on the software, our travel is great The convenience of drivers provides more opportunities also for those who handle traffic operations. Speaking of tourism, tourism software is also natural. Ctrip's travel website, like Deng Chao, endorsed it, "Ctrip exemplifies the confession in hand, just leave." Speaking, you can complete a lot of operations on the mobile client. Wait, like booking air tickets, travel becomes very simple and does let us go out.

The potential of the Internet + agriculture is huge, and digital technology that can improve agricultural production efficiency can greatly increase the integration of agricultural production and market demand. The collection of agricultural news will help. Get a lot of market news Farmers can control agricultural products through the Internet, product price trends, the focus of production and the purpose of the target to determine agricultural health. The story of the entrepreneurial Chu Shijian planting "Chu Orange" is the most representative of the 75-year-old again, and gradually called "Chu Orange" by the master to create the "cloud crown" brand of oranges (after. In October 2012, Hu Haiqing took a few reporters to visit Ailao Mountain to visit Chu Shijian, the operating director who had lived in the past, and stayed at Southern Newspaper and NetEase. After signing the contract, Chu Orange witnessed that he would have to make a living. Hu Haiqing waited for the arrival of the "storm". The inspirational effect and the subsequent, careful operation started from this group of media people. Beijing "aroused a strong reaction to the subsequent" Chu Orange, waiting for celebrity reposts, plus Wang Shi, enlarged the work quilt, and started to sell Chu orange officially. The next is the original life, inexhaustible orders. The operation of e-commerce has subsequently become the selling point of "Inspirational Orange" Chu Orange The market effect caused by the publicity of the deeds, and the collection of media to Chu Shijian's Baiji, Chu Orange's sales have been promoted. In other words, the face has played a major and undeniable role in e-commerce. Originally living "in orange Chu associated publicity and marketing side, the industry is very deliberately defined This proves that the Internet and farmland.

To the extent that conservative advertising companies have influenced the growth of the Internet, the scope of advertising is relatively small, which is paper, flat, and generally effective in publicity. After the report was merged with the Internet and broadcasting, the broadcasting methods have changed the form and spread of broadcasting. The broadcasting category is very broad. The main thing is broadcasting by others, covering a large audience, and the indirectness is increasing. The secondary is still the confession idea and the Internet confession is the most. It can only attract consumers' attention as long as they can. The public search for the confession is just like how many big brands want to say. For this reason, the new Internet confession company that guides the company's creativity and content as the mainstay of technology and effectiveness in synergy, the context, creativity, technology, growth potential will be huge.

The integration of the world can also cross, and the financial cooperation model opens up a new culture. The "100,000 Laughs" has made a lot of money at the box office, such as anime shot by crowdfunding.

Marketing Planning and Management Unlimited Company (referred to as "Yiwuyu") is recommended to be held in 2019-08-12 Guangzhou Yiwuyu. The early stage of the high-growth era was established on the mobile news Internet, with excellent channels integrating capital across industries, Marketing planning services create customized online lines for customers, and establish and promote customer "brands". Department 1: Internet + Industry asks TA to start whole business

In an information society in the 21st century, the Internet has more or less connections. Almost all of them are interconnected. Naturally, it should also keep up with the development of the times as an education for talent cultivation. The connection of the Internet strengthens education and education. Making learning easier and more convenient Internet + education is possible and broader. The products and services of English and vernacular masters are similar to online learning launched by Youdao Dictionary. Users' needs are deeply explored, personalized support can be achieved, and personal needs can be improved to let users follow their own needs. The characteristics of the mobile terminal are based on the time of the mobile terminal. At the same time, the user can manipulate the sporadic. The lack of conservative education just makes up for this.

This type is generally more conserved than a single conservative media, and most users who take over the news are quilted. After the integration of the media and the Internet, the channels are diversified and spread, and more people choose. They have also strengthened the interaction with people, and a strong sense of participation has made people more.

Almost all aspects of our livelihood have infiltrated the Internet. The service industry is connected to the Internet and services, and the link (intermediary) can omit two ends, connect with consumer needs and indirectly connect services.

Frequently, for example, you can take Youkushi. You can watch the video on your mobile phone. You can use a computer or a video. There are many kinds of videos and there are a lot of choices in its website. You can also choose to watch some This TV series is very convenient. For its members, we can also note that many power members enjoy it. The newly released films and so on are free from confession and watching. The media can't do these are conservative. We watched at the bottom of the video. They also set up a comment area. They tried to tell the film. Everyone can share their own home and family.

The beavers who work at home, such as manicure and hairdressing, are the beavers of the "Liberation of National Craftsman" app. The mission of the beavers is to provide convenience for countless families. The amount of nail art was once the second, third, and fourth in the industry. The beaver's house is the industry's leading "beauty full platform"-in addition to being the industry leader, home beauty has also become! Body sculpting, painting, music, vernacular teaching ... More items that make life more beautiful. We also include home hairdressing, eyelashes, hand and foot care, makeup and styling, photo photography, and health. . Coming to your finger means that you can move your hand, and "professional technology" can do everything you can think of, come to you right away. There is a lot of room for growth in the market. The Internet + livelihoods can also help, and the growth of the livelihood industry can drive a lot of lives. The livelihoods are not only convenient, but artists have created opportunities and let more hands.

The inevitable impact of physical stores on the rapid growth of e-commerce cannot be denied. Many major shopping sites such as JD.com and Jingdong are buying a lot of consumers on Taobao. Physical stores are rarely available, and most of them only need to shake their physical stores. Owner. However, people selling products online can be there, and they can be sold online. We also have physical stores. The stores are connected to the physical and online stores. An example is a successful competition of Suning Appliance. The hot online purchase and sale of Suning Yi did not leave the physical store and grabbed two. The growth of business across borders, the effect of networking is also retail and interaction. It will be like Vipshop. Overseas genuine products can be purchased. There are some duty-free shops, etc. At the same time, it meets consumer desires and facilitates people's livelihood. One after another, it will also be a trend toward mobile e-commerce growth. Wechat shopping is like a push. The Internet is connected to the retail industry and each other. Large economic benefits can take place. The growth trend of shopping will also be the future.

What is needed is creativity and innovation in 21st century culture. The high integration of property and the Internet and culture, the overall transformation and upgrading will spur property itself. Culture is connected to the Internet, and service upgrades will promote consumer willingness to stimulate culture; removing barriers may eliminate, and property chains in the field of industry will open up cultural properties. Buying cultural China shares is like Alibaba's collection. Alibaba Pictures changed its name to Azerbaijan, rajectory signed peace talks, etc. Tencent Literature and American Digital Publishing Company T, several major collection giants in the field of military cultural properties, and games Business manufacturing film, television, literature, animation, music.

Say goodbye to the conservative manufacturing system. The Internet + industry will shuffle the rules. For the conservative industry, it is the most typical example of Xiaomi. The Internet and industry are well integrated. The unified marketing model is saying goodbye at the same time. Quickly respond to the market to create a new one. Consumption patterns are restructured, capitalized, and flattened through the value chain. , Logistics distribution, and customer service are carefully combined. Xiaomi produces and sells products through the Internet, handling the same finger. The collection and propaganda was first adopted, and the network was scheduled to use the network. The inventory of controlled products can be very good, which can prevent excess production and improve production efficiency. The hunger and thirsty marketing model is again "open, indirect in procurement, limited in the number of acquisitions and available every time, and the goods can be lived in". It gives people a "strange, expensive purchase intention" that has attracted consumers. Xiaomi ’s slogan “Mate with rice noodles” is constantly interacting with rice noodles automatically through collecting customer service. Fans ’suggestions listen to mining nanometers. Xiaomi ’s strategic decision and production process means that the sound of rice noodles can affect consumers. The demand is full, and the products are more personalized, which also makes Xiaomi's. The popular Xiaomi mobile phones sold, the fast-growing Xiaomi company, and the complete connection with the Internet are all attributed to Xiaomi, which maximizes the Internet's disadvantages.

The inexhaustible improvement of the level has followed people's livelihood, and the requirements for convenience or use have become higher and higher. For homes in the home or office, the operation obviously cannot keep up with the simple interconnection that was required before, and the product "smart home" is rich. Appeared, so the more advanced "home appliances + home", the main scope of industry cooperation has become the master electronics companies.

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