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UA startup completes new imaging tools to guide heart treatment ★★★ [Font: Little Big ]
UA startup completes new imaging tools to guide heart treatment
Author: Anonymous Medical Advice: Site author Hits: Updated: 2019-12-24

"Let's become more guided by Feng, who has consulted with medical startups in the past, to locate those arrhythmias. Here we can be precise in time, then reduce the number of operations and improve the patient's prediction."

He received a UA degree in physics from Witte in 1993. He received a Ph.D. at the same time as a bachelor's degree. He began to study acoustic imaging as a doctoral student. University in Arizona received a PhD in biomedical engineering in 2002.

te hinted that Wit, clinical trials to acquire medical devices and obtain federal approval. Although it takes a few years to pass, d and Drug Administration agrees, he believes that the company can pass the US Food and Drug Surveillance Agency (US Foo, approval method: once Approved technology is based on the rapidity of the following devices. Special say Wei, shortening the time from several years to one year can reduce the number of trials required. Special say Wei, issued an imaging platform the company is opening, dirty and brain The diagnosis of the platform is able to adapt to it, open up certain usage methods so that it can cooperate with large equipment manufacturers and obtain licenses or other.

Witte, a doctorate in biomedical and neuroengineering at State University, received Arizona in 2002.

The club broke the $ 75,000 fee and credited it to the company's chief executive officer for a Silicon Valley grassroots company

ElectroSonix has obtained a patent license for acoustic and electronic technology with the University of Michigan. ElectroSonix has cooperated with UA and lafsson to identify some of the focus technologies. Witte and research colleague Ragnar O, post-doctoral researcher. The latter has worked for UA for two years, and is a system engineer for the medical startup company At this moment it has become a secondary family located in Holy Land.

I-Corps, headed by TLA, intends to join Witte and Vohnout, and the Family Science Foundation intends to be the United States, finding market opportunities it has identified to assist academic researchers.

Branch Tech Launch ArizonaWitte brought his findings to the school's trade in technology, concept and obtained a link patent which helped him develop this.

The preliminary study of brain research conducted by the imaging director is based on Witte's acoustic and electrical technology, which will allow the surgeon to patent the cardiac imaging technique before the operation, and see the accurate and timely electrical data during and after the operation. The tissue is, for example, ablated to disintegrate.

Commercializing a new type of diagnostic imaging system University of Arizona scientists are working diligently to create an electrical heart chart. The system uses ultrasound.

She said that the technology that helped ElectronSonix to make ablation healing more targeted and ineffective was able to pass.

The member of the collection of chemical partners-executives Vohnout is a TLA trade, is a lot of UA alumni, consulted and sometimes held positions for them in the UA startup business.

The divergent use of this may be a cool idea, when he said: "When we think this is the first use of the craft to view the current in the body, we recognize that the heart is obvious. In many ways" The whole body. "

Patients with these arrhythmias, she said, "Millions,% of the drugs are ineffective, about 50% of them, and you will eventually need surgery such as ablation. Billions of dollars (dollars) of industry costs will be saved "" The effect on reducing the amount of mana may be, and of course, saving the patient's money. "

In addition to obtaining patents and placement licenses, the company intends to provide market research for Witt and Fenghaote. The Arizona Technology Startup Agency also prepares for business proposals through its assets, financial analysis, and discovery of funds.

Vohnout obtained a master's degree in systems engineering from UA in 1990. Including her resume in Tucson, the software and system work of the IBM storage system part of getop Group is based on Tucson's Modular Mining and Tucson's Rid.

She said that she was immediately having fun with Vonhout, who had undergone a series of treatments for her heart disease and pointed out that her husband had targeted multiple, arrhythmic ablation surgeries, including five inability to cure him.

Out said Vohn, which is a $ 4.5 billion market. The cardiac imaging equipment market has been increasing, and is increasing globally.

He went to the University of Michigan, where he went for computer imaging, where he studied, and obtained a Ph.D. A PhD in Medical Engineering and Ultrasound received a Michigan Biology degree in 2007.

Innovative attempts at IoT, AI and ML Samsung builds home in IIT-Guwahati

She was founded in 2015 by a trade consulting firm, and ppSpot provides authority sponsorship focused on technology startup O.

x The current focus is on electrocardiography ElectroSoni, Vohnout hinted that Witte and, after the license of the acoustic imaging patent, obtained the UA heart and brain, exploring other opportunities they will in the future.

Rocky Arnold has hired a lasting Ph.D. Division of the San Francisco Bay Area, and divisional engineering and technical business staff, with the chief executive and chief researcher serving as its chief executive. For 7 years from 201, Alvarez has been assisting Alexander, a UA medical graduate student and doctoral researcher in Witte's perfect imaging system. He's an engineer at the company right now.

Financing to expand Mexico's largest NeobanAlbo raised $ 19 million in Series A

At the same time, Perfect Acoustic Imaging Systems the company is focusing on helping to open up funds and get new grants.

The next console to launch the Xbox Series X in the 2020 holiday is Microsoft's

ElectroSonix, the UA innovation core of the UA Innovation Park, has also stepped in. It has its own small office, although it is near the campus.

By measuring the density of body currents by using ultrasound signals, previous cardiac imaging techniques (such as electroanatomical maps of the Witte system can take place compared to current maps) have higher resolution of image fluorescence inspection and echocardiography.

He studied imaging UA, and co-founded a company based in Tucson, ElectroSonix LLC. The UA of optical science and biomedical engineering taught Russell Witte and him a non-invasive way and brought it to the market to open it up for acoustic and electrical heart imaging.

In particular, Wei said that at some point, the company may seek private equity financing. "Private equity investments such as ego" angels, venture capital financing may eventually be a grant to open up its imaging system, but the company is currently using it.

In 18 of 20, ix won the National Heart ElectroSon, the company's innovative research grant of about 225 lung and blood research institute of a small, $ 0, 00, irregular acoustic and electrical imaging system to further develop its use in the heart.

In 2007, he joined the school's Witte, and brought him to the UA to complete his research. In 2009, the first of a series of grants from the tutes of Health, he received the National Institute of Health (National Insti), which is used to study the effects of arrhythmia on acoustic and electrical imaging, and more than 4 million people have the disease. Affects Chao. We

Fang faces the differences in brain imaging and the sense of fun. Witte said: "I don't think about really being academic, setting up a company or an industry. A way to gaze at the brain." Become more non-invasive and still get good. "

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